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The Legend of Hammer (2020)

Year: Duration: 76 MinView: 22,719 views

In the distant future, the earth is affected by solar storms, the earth’s core begins to melt, and then global volcanoes erupt. In order to survive, the forces led by Daoba and Medusa are fighting for survival resources, and they continue to wage wars. Cui Fulai, a villager in Bagou Village, was forced to be involved in the struggle between the two parties because of the emergence of alien energy. Cui Fulai finally awakened the extraterrestrial energy in her body. Can he defeat the evil forces and protect the local peace?


2 thoughts on “The Legend of Hammer (2020)”

  1. Total crap.. Not much of fight scene and poor story line.. Pls dun make part 2 of this movies and leave a slot in the cinema for other worth to watch movies. Be original and don’t attempt to recreate thor in china version

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